Designed by Radek Łukasiewicz

FF Kaytek™ is a fresh take on the correspondence typefaces of the 90s, which were originally designed for the demands of office environments. Just like its predecessors, this typeface is robust and hard-working, meaning it works well in challenging design or printing environments but it’s not without personality. Look closer at the lowercase g and a, especially in the italics, and you can see some unexpected elements of subversiveness within the design.

This blend of sturdiness and quirkiness means it’s just as relevant for information-heavy projects, such as annual reports, as it is in more expressive environments.

Every style of each typeface takes up exactly the same amount of space, each sub family is based on a single, master set of proportions. This means designers can switch between styles without the text being reflowed, making it particularly useful in magazines, where space might be limited, and also on the internet, where hover links appear in a different style. You can see more detailed breakdown below and download the character set here.

FF Kaytek Sans

FF Kaytek Slab

FF Kaytek Head | FF Kaytek Round

In use examples